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Yes, it's us -the Officiser team- on a mission to transform our sedentary lifestyles into healthier and more enjoyable experiences.

Here's an update on our journey so far. Like  many other businesses,  we encountered challenges during the pandemic that significantly impacted our production. We humbly acknowledged our limitations and had to close the chapter for the moment and move on.

However, with a new job & returning to the conventional office life served as a powerful reminder of why we started Officiser, the reason we all need active sitting. Digestion issues, fatigue, swollen legs, knee and back pain—all of these familiar discomforts resurfaced within just a few days. It reinforced the need for a practical solution in our daily sedentary routines.

Armed with the lessons we've learned from our past experiences, we're thrilled to introduce a new way of sitting—a walk while sitting!

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Our Evolving Legacy Story

Yes, we are serious about it!

From our very first prototype to the refined and innovative Hrum you see today, each version represents a chapter in our commitment to improving the sitting experience. As you explore the timeline of Hrum's development, you'll witness the dedication, creativity, and relentless pursuit of comfort, style, and wellness that have shaped its evolution. 

Our 15-year journey commenced with a singular mission: alleviate the discomfort of extended sitting.  

Initially, we encountered common beginner errors, focusing theoretically and technically. Evolving, our design-centric solution met market needs, yet overlooking manufacturing complexities posed challenges. A pivot streamlined production, enhancing efficiency and minimizing risks. Our tenacious iterations led to a pivotal moment where problem-solving, manufacturing finesse, and design converged. The evolution reflected in our product's simplicity signifies a fundamental truth we discovered along the way—sometimes, the most effective solutions stem from simplicity. Our journey epitomizes the quest to unravel complexities, culminating in Hrum—a testament to the power of simplicity in transforming the sitting experience.

Evolving since 2008... and we have never been more confident over the product than this time and the positive change that it will bring to your lifestyle!

So do try it out & share your experience with us!

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